Love love love me some Smokin’ Yankees

Love love love me some smokin’ Yankees. We are fortunate to have them come out to my job during the week and they set up rain or shine with a different menu daily. That being said, I have tried the pork, the brisket, the tri tip, the cole slaw, and the chili with brisket. (Don’t judge me! I said they come out DAILY) They have not let me down yet! Everything is tender and the sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy. I honestly couldn’t tell you which meat is my favorite but I can tell you that though the menu is switched daily, I never worry about it being something I don’t like. The reason for that 5th star??? They take credit card! How many times have you peeked out the window and saw the lunch truck, felt your stomach rumble and salivary glands kick in, and then realize you have no cash?? Nothing but fabulous things to say about this place and the owners. They are a very pleasant family and they know what they are doing behind that grill!